About Us

Colene Clark, owner of Easy Close Services (ECS), has over two decades of experience in residential real estate. In her last role as Director of Operations for a large local real estate company, Colene oversaw the Transaction Management Department, ensuring hundreds of deals from 50+ agents closed in a timely fashion.

At ECS, we offer services for realtors who want to focus on their business, not their paperwork. Standard services include processing new listings, buyer contracts, and seller contracts. See more about our services here.

In a traditionally paper heavy industry, we use current technology to manage our work online. ECS does their part to protect the environment, only printing when required for your deal.

We run a tight ship in a sea of transactions, paying close attention to crucial details, streamlining operations, and keeping overhead low to pass on savings to you, the valued client. Our team is excited to assist YOU in your business! Given the opportunity, we WILL earn your business and future referrals.

More About the Proprietor

Born in Texas, Colene spent 15 years navigating real estate in Houston before moving to Atlanta to raise her two children. She brokered her own company there, personally closing over 200 deals while directing 25 agents.

After successfully managing the intricacies and special circumstances of thousands of contracts that crossed her desk in the past few decades, Colene has the knowledge and experience to make sure your transaction experience is seamless and efficient.

After her kids grew into independent young adults, she relocated to Austin to fulfill her dream of being a happy resident of The Texas Hill Country! The past eight years in Austin have been everything Colene had hoped for, including a booming real estate market with tons of interesting deals to work.

Colene’s son and daughter, Jeffrey and Jessica, are both Texas residents now too. Jeffrey and his wife Angeline have a joyful child, JJ and live in Spring, TX. Colene’s family is an immense source of pride and joy.

Colene Clark

Colene Clark